Problems & Solutions

This quarter is all about analyzing the world around you. 
Essential questions include:
  • What problems do you see in the world? 
  • How would you solve them? 
  • Why do rules exist in society?
  • How do we balance freedom of choice with safety?
  • What would be the "costs" of a "perfect world"?

Quarter 4 Overview

Students are responsible for mastering (meeting or exceeding the standard) all of the skills listed on this Quarter 4 Benchmark List.  All students keep track of their grades on this document in their classroom portfolio.

Problem & Solution Research Project

This is an interdisciplinary unit with Social Studies class.  Students will identify a Pacific Island problem, research the problem and propose a solution.
Problem & Solution Rubric
Problem & Solution Exemplar
Problem & Solution Outline

Problem & Solution Research Notes (Problem Notes & Solution Notes)
Problem & Solution Exceeds Paragraph Exemplar
Problem & Solution Passport
with steps to complete to Final Project
Bibliography Instructions & Exceeds Challenge

The Giver

Students wil be reading the novel, THE GIVER by Lois Lowry.  They will be taking notes and participating in class discussion on the major themes in th ebook.  As a final project, students will need to take a stand on a few of the controversial issues in the book and use evidence from the text and their own life to back up their opinions.
The Giver Reader's Notes
The Giver Final Project

Ongoing Skills

Spelling Rule Reference
Compound & Complex Sentences
Bibliography: Link to the MLA Bibliography Citation Service
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